Hark, ye mortals, hear the trumpet,
Sounding loud the mighty roar,
Hark th’ archangel’s voice proclaiming,
Then old times shall be no more.
Rolling ages, Rolling ages, Rolling ages,
Now your solemn close appears.

See the souls that earth despised,
In celestial glories move,
Hallelujahs sing with wonder,
Praising Christ’s eternal love.
Hallelujahs, Hallelujahs, Hallelujahs,
Echo thro’ the realms of light.

Joys ecstatic, hymns harmonious,
In soft symphony resound,
Angels, seraphs, harps and trumpets
Swell the sweet angelic sound.
Hail, Almighty, Hail, Almighty, Hail, Almighty,
Great eternal Lord, Amen.

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