See the leaves around ye falling,
Dry and wither’d, to the ground,
Thus to thoughtless mortals calling
In a sad and solemn sound:
Sons of Adam, once in Eden,
When like us ye blighted fell,
Hear the lecture we are reading
‘Tis, alas! the truth we tell.

Youth, tho’ yet no losses grieve you,
Gay in health and many a grace;
Let not cloudless skies deceive you,
Sum mer gives to Autumn place.
Learned sophs, in systems jaded,
Who for new ones daily call;
Cease at length by us persuaded,
Ev’ry leaf must have its fall.

Yearly in our course returning,
Messengers of shortest stay;
Thus we preach the truth, concerning
Heav’n and earth shalt pass a way.
On the Tree of Life eternal,
Man, let all thy hopes be stay’d,
Which, alone, forever vernal,
Bears the leaves that never fade.

Recordings 1, 2, 3