Ye careless sons of Adam’s race,
Who long have trod in folly’s ways,
O turn about to Zion’s face,
And meet Apollyon’s forces;
The breastplate take of righteousness;
Your feet be shod with gospel peace;
Be daily at the throne of grace,
And Jesus will support you.

Desert the cause of heaven’s foe,
Before you plunge in endless woe;
Now courage take, to Jesus go,
And he will now receive you.
From sin and Satan you’ll go free,
And happy seasons you shall see
And gain the Christian’s liberty,
For Jesus will support you.

And when our lives are at an end,
Our captain still will be our friend,
We’ll wing our way, and up ascend,
To reign with him in glory.
Then all our tears be wip’d away,
Our night be turn’d to endless day,
And on our golden harps we’ll play
The joyful song of heaven.

Recordings 1, 2