To God we’ll cry and hell defy,
Though Satan roar like thunder;
The voice of pra’yr makes sinners stare,
While fill’d with joy and wonder.
While music sweet makes some retreat,
Our Jesus still draws nigher;
His precious name lights up the flame
That sets our souls on fire.

While grace divine in others shine,
With each we are delighted;
With them we crowd and sing so loud,
Poor sinners are affrighted.
The sweetest joys our pow’rs employ,
To see the cause advancing,
Though some go off, and boldly scoff,
And say that we are dancing.

But let them scoff, we still will cry
To God for their salvation:
O God of love, send from above,
And save them from damnation.
Thy Spirit send their hearts to bend,
Arrest them by thy thunder!
Let sweetest songs employ their tongues;
Fill them with joy and wonder.

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