Soldiers of the cross, arise,
Lo, your Captain from the skies,
Holding forth the glitt’ring prize,
Calls to victory.
Fear not, though the battle low’r,
Firmly stand the trying hour,
Stand the tempter’s utmost pow’r,
Spurn his slavery.

Who the cause of Christ would yield!
Who would leave the battlefield?
Who would cast away his shield?
Let him basely go;
Who for Zion’s King will stand?
Who will join the faithful band?
Let him come with heart and hand,
Let him face the foe.

By the woes which rebels prove,
By the bliss of holy love,
Sinners, seek the joys above,
Sinners, turn, and live!
Here is freedom worth the name,
Tyrant sin is put to shame,
Grace inspires the hallow’d flame,
God the crown will give.

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