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In the year 2010 two of us stumbled across Sacred Harp singing on the Internet and fell in love with this music. In 2011 the first German singing group was founded in Bremen. To this day most of our singers are former non-singers who couldn't read music when joining the group. To help them (and ourselves!) get going, we built a website (very similar to this one) with the songs from the Sacred Harp, 1991 Denson edition. To our surprise this site found considerable resonance worldwide, despite being in German.

Then, in 2013, the Shenandoah Harmony appeared, and its "folkish" feel appealed to us from the outset; this is Bremen, after all, infamous for an inclination towards minor tunes.

The site you are looking at is under construction; it will take a while to finish it. Until then, feel free to rummage around, and if you want to have a certain song from the book "robotized" early, tell us.